Wednesday, July 30, 2014

1 minute story

1 minute story.

John holds up the trophy high in the sky. He is excited. He is just too excited. It is all over his face. He wants to call his family about the good news. He wants to take photos with them. He wants to give lavish dinner. He walks across the road. He is smiling from ear to ear. A car comes. He is thrown to the roadside. He mutters a bit. Good news, photos, dinner....good news, photos,dinner....good news,photos,dinner.........................................................................................................

Monday, April 7, 2014


This is 'Batman',my kitten..I don't know what to call him..then my sister suggested 'batman' and he ended up being called 'Batman'.Isn't he cute...

Well....'Batman' is going to sleep now and he is saying 'Good night' and 晚安(wan an) in mandarin.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Notebook bag

My brother asked me, "Don't want to buy a new bag for new notebook?"
Me : "Don't want, still got the old one. I want to save money".
My brother : "Oh okay but Dell got nice bags here (online).It's only range from RM70- 90,depends on what you like".
Me: "No, don't think so I want". (he didn't tell me it has many colours,later only I got to know).

At first, I was very confident that my old leather Acer sling bag is usable for my new Dell notebook.To my frustration, it was too big for my new 14" Dell notebook. Due to the embarrassment of not wanting  buying a new bag with the intention of budgeting....I must try to find the cheapest one that I can get compared to my brother's price...haha...

So,I ended up buying hp backpack for my new Dell notebook. First because I want red colour. Second, it was only RM55.00...within my budget.So,there you go,HP married with Dell...the end.

From Acer to Dell


Dell inspiron 14

The first photo was my old battered Acer notebook which has been with me for almost 9 years.It has been loyal to me to those years where I had to drag it through the LRT and commuter stairs all over Bangi and Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. It was a very old notebook which was very heavy and gave me a strained shoulder after dragging it on the trains,commuters,buses and taxis on my way back to my hometown on weekends.

After almost 9 loyal years of service ,it gave out last year. I think it was giving signal that it had has enough of those surfering years with me. So long dear loyal friend. When I bought it ,I was a very proud owner. Back then,it was quite cheap but good enough for a poor student like me . I used it days and nights, for study and entertainment. It served me well until its last breath.

After that,I have to seek my brother's help to get a new notebook. I wasn't an IT person. So, usually I'll just buy whatever seems nice and cheap. I admitted I didn't have my brother's brain. I tried to be like him but I wasn't gifted in his area. My elder sister and brother are science people. They are at their best level with maths while me with language though not at my best. I deal better with reading and at the happiest with ..reading and writing. ..I love to learn new languages. ..but still at not my best level...if opportunity comes...I want to upgrade my mandarin dan arabic.

Now, back to the notebook, as you can see...the last two photos are my new notebook. I still wanted an Acer as a replacement for my death friend but my brother assisted that Dell is not bad either. He did everything online.From chosing the application,payment and everything (only he knows,he showed me all the things he purchased for my notebook but I didn't give much interest as I don't really understand). All that I prepared was the money. Hey..but it was within my budget, I told my brother ,I want a notebook price just like my old one...within RM1300 - RM1400..I got this for RM1350.00... A good bargain ,right??!! I know...thanks bro...I told you ,he is genius in his field..

Now....I am a happy owner of first I didn't like the black colour.I thought it would be a very dark ugly notebook...but exactly it has a nice design which I didn't notice when my brother sent me the photo..I want a red one but this black is a beauty..

I won't be dragging this handsome black guy all over the commuters and trains now.It will be just here by my side,helping with my paperwork..I am a teacher but paperworks are always there....

Thanks brother...until my dear Dell services till its last breath..I'll be asking you me find another notebook...

My travel memories

Clock wise....autumn in Nami Island (South Korea), winter in Jiuzhaigou (China), Universal Studio in Sentosa Island (Singapore) and Mekong Delta boat ride in Vietnam.


I love travelling!!!...
Since I was young.I always dreamed and longed for far beautiful places where I can go and get myself lost with the serenity of the world.

Be far , far away in my dreamland...where there is only happiness, happiness and happiness...freedom,freedom and freedom...

I am very grateful to have achieved a small part of my dreams (I have been to China,South Korea,Brunei,Singapore and Vietnam) eventhough there are many other places that I haven't been to.

This year.....2014...I dream of Mecca, Madinah (UAE) and Australia....

I dream a dream ...a dream can comes true...

If you share such a dream...come and share with not rich but I always plan and survive my dream on tight and budget plan..

Vietnam.Ho Chi Minh City

At Tan Son Nhat International Airport...
I went to Vietnam on 22 Nov 2013

Where I stayed for 4 Days and 3 Night..very nice hotel.
Nearby muslims' restaurants and Ben Than market for shopping.

Vietnamese currency....

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

today...I am...

.I am thankful and grateful for everything in my life

Monday, December 31, 2012

Oracle SQL replace string with another

example :-

              TRANSLATE(A.NOKP, 'A', 'B') AS NOKPT,

//REPLACE ([string], [string to replace], [replacement string] )
//TRANSLATE([string], [string to replace], [replacement string] )

with oracle 10g

original data set sample :-

01, A 1111111, ABU
02, A2222222, BAN
03, A3 3 3 3 333, COT

illustrated output :-

01A 1111111A1111111B1111111ABU
03A3 3 3 3333A3333333B3333333COT

Monday, December 17, 2012

Get window (sheet) name (classname) and library in Powerbuilder

//below function were on clicked event of menu in a mdi...

window lw_active
string ls_winname, ls_libname, ls_wintitle
ClassDefinition cd_windef

lw_active = parentwindow.GetFirstSheet()

if isvalid(lw_active) = True then
        ls_winname = lw_active.classname()
        cd_windef = FindClassDefinition(ls_winname)
        ls_libname = cd_windef.LibraryName
        ls_wintitle = lw_active.title
        messagebox(ls_winname, ls_libname+'~r~n~r~n'+ls_wintitle, Information!)       
end if

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


sorry guys,i don't know what happened to all my pictures that can' be display but will check it out soon..stay tune :)and thx